Richard’s Story

AltmanTees is fine art apparel created by artist Richard Altman.  With a career spanning over 40 years, Altman’s body of work includes fine art creations from mediums as diverse as glass, metal, drawing, photography and digital media.

Taken from dozens of sketchbooks drawn throughout his career, the abstract lines and figures found on AltmanTees create an intelligent, refined aesthetic that attract attention to the wearer and inspire thoughtful interpretation from others. 

The designs on AltmanTees are an offering of pure creativity, and like true fine art are named to evoke deeper meaning, and printed in limited editions. 

The philosophy behind AltmanTees is simple: Be creative. Express fearlessly. Live a creative life. Be yourself. And most importantly – believe in yourself.


Ryan’s Story

AltmanTees pushes beyond brand names, and cliche “indie” slogans to create apparel that incorporates true fine art with a positive message about living a creative life.  AltmanTees are printed in limited editions as real fine artwork is, and each is labeled with a name that inspires reflection on life or creativity.

My dad, Richard, is a multi-talented fine artist who has worked with fused glass, photography and many other mediums throughout his 40 year career as a professional artist. I always admired my dad’s dedication to living a creative lifestyle, and his artwork was a symbol of that freedom to me. 

One day it dawned on me that I could fuse my appreciation for my dad’s creative lifestyle into my own aesthetic by printing his designs onto t-shirts. The idea was to transform his fine art into apparel that makes a statement about living a creative life, and expressing oneself creatively as he has done his whole life, and always encouraged me to do.

The response from friends, family, and strangers alike was surprising.  As my travels and work took me around the world, random people walked up to me on the street, and even musicians from concerts I attended made comments on the tees from on-stage. Many people inquired about what brand the shirts were, and where they could buy them. Based on such positive feedback, my Dad and I decided to create AltmanTees as a vehicle to share authentic fine artwork apparel, and to champion living a creative life. 

Our mission is to continue producing high quality fine art tees, and to encourage others to express themselves fearlessly in the world.

Don’t just exist – create.